I see more and more people are feeling called to work with the
Spirit of Cacao, and more and more are also bringing in the cacao to
their circles, without really knowing the sacred rituals of working
with this plant medicine.
Like where to get true medicine cacao
 instead of just normal cacao,
how to dance with the energies in a
what energies not to match the cacao with and
how to
 make a clear protected space where it’s safe for people to let go
and crack open all their chakras and energy fields, without pick-
ing up something negative in the field from the space you are sit-
ting in or the person sitting next to you and then having to deal
with that attachment of something that is not yours, afterwards.

The art of Cacao is very ancient, with deep shamanic ele-
ments, and for it to keep its full power, sacredness and purity – it is
something that truly requires a training to be a spaceholder in, if
you wanna take it to a level that is more than just a few already
known friends in your home. As well as I will also invite all peo-
ple attending cacao ceremonies to be the leader of own energical
safety and require that their spaceholder is a truly taught Cacao
Shaman in the field.

Lots of Love
Cacao Mama, Angelic Shamanic Vølva & Spiritual Mentor

*Shamanic & Cacao educated in Bali – having first done the full
embodied cacao work of sitting in ceremonies for years, before
serving this sacred cacao myself.


18-20 October 2019

Be mindful not to have other plans this weekend,
so you integrate and rest in the space in-between training.

The following moon ceremony, you will be a part of creating the
Full Moon Cacao Ceremony, so you see and feel everything you have learned
during training.

5.555 kr.
(Paying in bites is possible)

You claim and secure your spot for this sacred Cacao Training,
by sending 5.555 kr to mobilepay: 28901092 with your
name. If you don’t have Mobilepay, or you need the opportunity to
pay this training in bites instead of the full total, you just sent an
email to me here: hi@saratorvallbach.com and we will figure out
the best solution for you.

NB: limited spots…


As we will work on your sacred mandala, make sure to bring
your crystals, nature elements, angel cards or whatever calls you
from your hidden spiritual box or your alter at home, to bring.
If you have none, no worries – you will still learn all you need to
learn and will have a list of recommendations of what you can
acquire afterwards, for your own ceremony & mandala, as well as

– Notebook & Pen (If you have a favorite one feel free to bring it)
– Snacks friday & sunday evening
– Lunch & snacks during saturday and sunday.
We will make sure there is
 enough for your belly for the whole day, but feel free to bring extra food for yourself if you are pregnant or in anyway need to respect and follow your own rhythms of food this day.

Send us a message on hi@saratorvallbach.com