SEEING THE WORLD THROUGH THE LENSE OF A PURE BIRTH CRYSTAL – The crystal on the picture is a sacred birth crystal that I bought in Bali to guard the space during my daughter Bella’s birth. Looking through a crystal symbolizes the Shamanic practice of visiting higher spirit realms, whereby the crystal acts as a direct connection to the benevolence.

THE ICE BLUE CRYSTAL COLOURED EYE – It is a symbol of purity, New Paradigm frequency and Archangel Michael’s sword of protection. It symbolises innocence, humbleness and purity, and is a protector of the strength of the heart. This symbol also teaches us to see beyond all layers straight into the essence and core of what is.

TRIPLE GODDESS – The most common meaning assigned to the Triple Goddess symbol is the maiden, mother and crone. Each phase of the moon correlates with a phase of a woman’s life and represents the connection to the divine feminine and all it represents. The Maiden, represented by the new waxing moon embodies purity, youth, creation, pleasure and new beginnings, inviting you to explore your spirituality, creativity and desires. The Mother, represented by the full moon, embodies love, fertility, nourishment, responsibility, patience and power, inviting you to master giving and receiving love. The Crone, represented by the fading waning moon, embodies fulfilment, endings, wisdom, death and culmination, inviting you to accept that without death there is no birth. We also use this symbol in representation of planes and realms: Earth, the underworld and the upper-world, as well as cycles of life, birth and death.

NORDIC SHAMANIC VØLVA EDUCATION LOGO  – The symbolism on this logo represents an old Norse/Viking meaning of ‘Wayfinder’. It is believed that the wearer of this symbol will not lose their way during storms and bad weather, even if the destination is unknown. That can very well also apply to dark nights of the soul and navigating darkness.