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My Morning Meditation Routine

Dearest Angels Below I share a small video glimpse into my morning ritual. How you start your day has a profound impact on your emotions, energy, body and state of mind throughout the day. Morning Meditation from Sara Torvallbach on Vimeo. Smelling Arise oil helps me journey up to get connection and clarity much faster. […]


Oils, Superfoods & Immunforsvaret

KÆRESTE KVINDER OG MÆND I disse tider har vi valgt at stå sammen for at støtte hinanden og skabe tryghed for vores helbred, med de let tilgængelige og simple plante-hjælpere vi har omkring os, som kan booste vores eget og vores families immunforsvar. Der findes fantastiske æteriske olier, urter, mad og krystaller som sammen, eller […]

The Power of Permission

Hi Angel  I’ve made a short video about THE POWER OF PERMISSION That you can see under the post. The highest light and all angelic realm always only walk though the door of permission, and so should you and I in the perspective of the shamanic world. This is a New time and a New […]


Is the name Vølve or Vølva?

Is the name Vølve or Vølva? In the north we have an ancestral line of women so intuned with nature and other realms of dimensions that they were able to see beyond the physical eye and could work with nature as well as energies, both out in the open and in disguise. Way before religion, […]