Breathing through


Breathing through chapter ? in the feeling that I just moved through.

Those chapters of despair and heaviness in heart and emotions are wise teachers of what needs to be looked at, and for real looked in the eyes to be taken care of. When these chapters comes to me in my life I tend to go in deep solitude in a way where my friends will react as I go into a cave energy and withdraw my energy from the outer world to be with me.

It is so okay to be quite and go in to solitude when you need. In my deep resonance we are actually required to, to gain full wisdom from the chapters of upgrade hitting us.

You absolutely do not need to be active on social media all the time or keep up. You just need to be insanely real and follow your energy to the places it takes you. And when ready, you move through and lift yourself up to higher frequency with a social result again. Wiser, deeper, changed and real ?

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