Connecting to our Spirit Animals


The quality of our human experience is said by spirits of the highest light to be determined by our ability to connect with the beauty that surrounds us. And in the mirror of an animals eyes, truth, purity and next level communication will be found.
The morning star dust, the art of the sun on the sky, the vital chi nourishment of a green leaf, the strength of a tree with deep roots and the purity in the small and big animals around us living on ground, in water or high up in the sky.
Our ability to read, connect and understand the Essence of the souls of pure beauty surrounding us. All living nature, is the shortest portals and biggest teachers of the other dimensional realms.

As children we know this deeply in the part of our being, that doesn’t need the head to understand. Deeply connected to everything around us, on a daily adventure of curiosity in all the layers of the little world living in, deeply connected to spirit animals as well. Bringing in a playful protective energy teaching a child how to be alive and feel alive without being alone. Here. Now.

As adults, growing up we tend to disconnect to that playful spirit animal energy and then disconnect to deeper levels of connection with surroundings in this world. Up until this point of time.

So what would happen if the adults of the planet earth started connecting to the playful and intuned energy of spirit animals again. An energy of curiosity and connection through the willingness to truly see the intelligence of art, beauty, essence and soul all around us, and right there we may very well feel whole again ?

The something is missing part, not missing anymore. *These days my 10 months old daughter is making roar Sounds like a Tiger or Bear, and laughing so much If We do the same. Not having heard anyone in this ordinary world saying that sound, yet still a universal sound coming out of her, in such a safe loving feeling that she laughs when delivered back. Her spirit animal right now might very well be a tiger or bear like her mamas ?

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  1. Isabella Watson
    Isabella Watson says:

    I am searching for my spiritual animal. But most important thing how I connect myself with my spiritual animal.
    I just recently read your how you connecting yourself with your spiritual animal.
    How beautifully you explain the childhood and adult part of our life.
    In childhood how we easily connect with every thing but when we grow and with passage of time its difficult to connect.
    I really appreciate your work


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