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Today I opened up the doors for 1:1 sessions again after I’ve been holding that on pause throughout my baby bubble time, in all honouring of my energy and my space. I have been deeply occupied with the Vølva education, the workshops and ceremonies, to anchor pillars of light and love and through the heart-opening  plant medicine of cacao here in Denmark. I now feel a deep instruction to open up the doors for 1:1 personal mentoring sessions again.

Today I had two sessions. I feel like one of them had a very clear personal theme, that we can all benefit from. Whenever we receive projections and harsh opinions, critiques and blames, we are often left with the thought that we do not understand what happened. It can feel as if it was out of nowhere, as we never had anything other than good intentions in heart. Yet the person on the other side still blames us of having done something wrong. 


This is what we call a projection.

Projection has nothing to do with the receiver, but it has to do with the person who is pointing out the blame, judgement or critique toward the receiver. It happens because something got activated in that person’s subconscious, and they still have not realized, that their perception is not about the other person, but rather about what has awakened within themselves.

It is very normal, that the receiver of a projection goes down a spiral of deep sorrow of being misunderstood and harshly judged. In such scenario, it is also normal to step into a victim role, that ultimately leaves the person powerless due to not understanding what must have happened to provoke this situation. Understanding and acceptance often go hand-in-hand. When we don’t have a clear understanding of the situation, it can be difficult to accept the results.

Acceptance is often the path towards letting go.

It is crucial that instead of trying to understand the other person or the situation itself, we must instead simply understand that this is a projection. Doing so, we accept that whatever caused the other person to feel a certain way towards us, is out of our reach. When we can realize that, we let go and fuel ourselves up with love.

When you are a receiver of projections, then a beautiful exercise to make the hurt and pain to level down, is to open up the doors of love inside.

The first step of this exercise is to be okay with the situation. It is what it is, and the situations serves a greater purpose that you are not able to see in its full picture just yet. Simply trust that this situation is teaching exactly what it needs to teach to the person on the other side, and to yourself. When leaning up against this trust and acceptance, you let go of the need of this situation being in any other way. It is simply okay. You are okay, he or she is okay, and this whole scenario is okay.

It is highly important to fuel up with love. Especially if this projection has awakened some pains, past traumas or core wounds inside – be it rejection, low self-worth, loneliness or something else. You want to meet yourself very lovingly, and hold space for this process. A very effective way to do that is with a mirror.

Sit down in front of a mirror and look in your own eyes while you say to yourself again and again, throughout a 10-minute window: “I see you, I hear you, I understand you, I love you,  I am here for you”.

The key is to keep saying it while you sit and look yourself in the eye. Keep saying it until you can really feel the effect of it. You know that you feel that, when something inside you opens. It happens when you get into the part of yourself that feels moved, gets very angry, sad or emotional. When those feelings appear, you have created the connection to yourself. Keep being there for yourself and repeat the words again: “I see you, I hear you, I understand you, I love you, I am here for you”. 

This is the key to holding space for yourself.  Holding space for yourself is not only about allowing emotions to be there and recognize their presence. Although doing that is beautiful, it often just leaves us there. It doesn’t transform the emotion into another state. It stays there and we allow it. The resistance towards the feelings awakened starts getting less, but what we really want to do is to transform whatever negative feelings we are facing. We transform these feelings through love.

Sit down in eye contact with yourself, and use this sentence again and again. Light up a white candle in front of you, in honour  of keeping the light. Be there for yourself and with yourself through allowing yourself to cry tears that need to be cried, and keep looking yourself in the eye. Doing that, you fuel yourself up with love. That is your key – your superpower and divine intelligence. This is your ability to actively tap into love. Direct that love toward yourself and toward the situation.

We never want to push an energy towards another person, but we want to activate the energy on a situation that’s in disharmony.

When you receive projections, you don’t want to actively send love to the person on the other side, as you are still in a disharmonious energetic field. Instead, activate the energy of love towards the situation that you are facing. Simply trust that this situation is perfectly divine as it is.

We are never above or in control of our sisters and brothers, 

No matter how spiritual we think we are, we can never think that we are above or in control of other’s reactions. Instead, we are able to deeply tap into a higher consciousness, and hold the dearest space for what the journey of  the other person activates in ourselves. We are able to shift that energy inside of us. We can neutralize the situation, so it doesn’t get any more charged through acceptance and through fuelling ourselves up with love and compassion. To do so, we meet ourselves and our core wounds, and infuse the situation in hand with love. 

When you do that, the person on the other side will receive the divine love and the effect of the neutralized situation. That will leave the situation to come back to love and harmony in its own divine time.

Let me know how this served you, and if this theme is a match to your situation of life. Let me know if i can serve you in any way or if you have questions. My pleasure showing up for you.

If you would like to book a session with me, kindly read more information here: https://saratorvallbach.com/attend/1-1-session/

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