Following the masses or following you?


Following the masses or following you?

Am I following the social norms in the country, city and community I’m raised, educated and work. Or am I following my heart, my curiosity, my longings, my soul and my passion?


A sentence of deep truth.

In my belief one of our strongest skills as human beings is our ability to adapt to the environment we are in. Scientists point at this for being the main reason of our species survival for so many years on this planet. WE ADAPT.

So how long are you able to stay strong, grounded and true to all that magic, diet and spiritual practice you might have learned throughout the years to make you really happy and in flow when you follow through?

Do you stay true to what works for YOU on a daily basis of your life? Or do you leave that magic behind and adapt to the normal of busy modern world as soon as you back for more than a month or two?

To commit to whatever turns on that light in your eyes, heart, energy and frequency now, I believe is very very very important for the leaders of this new paradigm. It is time to be embodied as much as you can.

Can you feel it?

Love S

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