Lifting the veils of false feelings

Lifting the veils of false feelings ?

The false feelings is the feelings you think is yours, as you feel them clearly, but they are actually not yours. Not from you, not to you, but for you.. For you in the sense that they have showed up in your field with the invitation to take a look at something. Your openness to take upon the energies in your surroundings? Your shadow side of jumping down the rabbit loops of despair, to not walk out of comfort and take the leap in your mystery path to the next level calling you with a whisper in the wind?

Whatever it might be, whoever it might belong to, you are always welcome to send it back to owner or send it up to source.
With the power of prayer and the voice in you that means it, you say:

I ask all spirits of highest light and highest good to remove this feeling of……. Lift it up into a sacred space for it to be healed, spread to the earth as angel dust, and replace the emptiness inside of me, with love, trust, calmness, happiness, clarity and the feeling of being deeply supported. • So it is, it has been done •


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