My Morning Meditation Routine

Dearest Angels

Below I share a small video glimpse into my morning ritual. How you start your day has a profound impact on your emotions, energy, body and state of mind throughout the day.

Morning Meditation from Sara Torvallbach on Vimeo.

Smelling Arise oil helps me journey up to get connection and clarity much faster. It is so potent when you only have a short time window meditate (like I do, before Bella wakes up), or if you feel it’s difficult to leave the head.

Then I silence the mind by focusing on breath. I create a bubble of energetic protection, and see the golden sparkly light expand in my inner eye, tapping into the baby pink frequency of love. Love for all beings and self.

I like to end the meditation with Align oil and Anchor oil, in whatever sequence feels good. Those oils help you to step balanced into your day, merged between your human and soul. You can use it in diffuser or simply smell it from the bottle, because the brain picks up the smell and communicates it to your cells within 20 seconds.

Then I like to ground myself and connect to the Earth by walking barefoot in my garden.

All that makes such a profound impact to the rest of my day. Therefore I choose to start my day with peace.

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