The Power of Permission

Hi Angel 

I’ve made a short video about THE POWER OF PERMISSION That you can see under the post.

The highest light and all angelic realm always only walk though the door of permission, and so should you and I in the perspective of the shamanic world.

This is a New time and a New Paradigm, meaning that the time of interfering with each other and handing out advices to everyone you meet are over. 

In the shamanic perspective, this law of integrity is considered so important that it is believed that if you don’t work and walk though the door of permission and always ask permission before you do anything – then you work through the door of sorcery, and that door says MAY MY WILL HAPPEN, instead of the divine door of permission that says MAY THE HIGHEST LIGHT HAPPEN

And I think we all tried this, even maybe both sides of it. There is nothing more annoying than to meet a newly educated coach / healer.. etc to a a big gathering and to be coached and asked about big life choices by this person that’s clearly very avid to go practice what she just learned, while you are measured and weighed in all life choices.


– May I offer my perspective on this? 

– Are you open to receive a thought about your share? 

– I keep getting this feeling when I’m around you. may I share it with you?

– May I ask you a question?


And why not invite in divine guidance in your daily life and bigger choices, through giving your sacred permission for all angels, guides, gods and goddesses of the highest light and highest good, to come assist with support, guidance, signs, love and trust. I do this everyday myself, in the full knowing that they are right there, when I do – and can not help me, when I don’t .



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