Vølve or Vølva?

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Is the name Vølve or Vølva?

In the north we have an ancestral line of women so intuned with nature and other realms of dimensions that they were able to see beyond the physical eye and could work with nature as well as energies, both out in the open and in disguise.
Way before religion, It was a highly gifted woman with magical abilities that was the medicine woman in our parts of the world. She was a seer and was highly respected as well as feared for her prophesies, spells and abilities. She was just beneath the king or chief of tribe in hierarchy – and her gifts would be passed down her line of biology as it was very rare to awaken these gifts if not placed as a key in the blood, scripted in the soul contract to begin with.

These women of our nordic ancestral line, was the nordic shamans. They are said to be the first “shamans” in the world and the name they where called was VØLVE.. Now why am I then calling the awakening of this line in our moderne time, VØLVA, when the true name back in times was vølve?

I am because the instruction to do so was very clear, when I said yes to hold space for the movement of the Vølve by blood awakening in our time. As this is a time of light, purity and deepest integrity. The A.. has an energy and frequency, a key infused code in the sealed pact of the highest light, highest divine, highest good and purest integrity.
Whereas In the vølve line spells of curses was just as normal as spells of blessings – as they were living in another time.
But see, in our time spells of curses are not aligned with the mission of awakening this line of this time.
So the A.. is the movement of the new nordic line.. VØLVA.. Of highest light, highest good and highest integrity

Deeply guided and with the fullest respect of and from our blood ancestral line, vølve.. NEW LINE
NEW PARADIGM ??? Can you feel it?

Love S

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