When the shadow face appears

I’ve always been super sensitive which means I’ve always been super strong in my senses.
When I grew up my mom and I lived in a condo on the top level, and I would use the stairs to play on while my nose could smell and sense exactly who the last person that had touched the stairs was, and a picture of them would pop up in my mind.
I’ve also always been able to pick up on the thoughts of high charge energy-emotions sent my way, as strong a whisper in the ear I could hear what was the thoughts was, with no words used.
Out of many more, my favorite sense of strength or the one with biggest use so far is the ability to see the shadow face show itself in a glimpse on the face in front of me, revealing exactly how the true state of inner being is. Something that shows itself without me linking in to the Being, but showing if it’s an information I am meant to have.

An important shadow face in my life was when I Met my dads friend and laywer for the first time, while my dad was at the hospice, sick a few weeks before passing. instantly i noticed the lawyers shadow face and in that short glimpse of true face, it was very clear to me that this man felt very guilty about something he had done TO ME. Seconds later his handsome and charming face was back while I remember thinking to myself, this would be very interesting to see the revealing of what that meant.
And in that little Norwegian church in Oslo at my dads funeral it all made sense, as the laywer asked me to sit with him for a short meeting during the reception and told me that my entrepreneurial father had a much lower wealth than What he had Expressed to the World, and i should feel very grateful for the little amount I could sign the paper right now he had in front of me, and would get it right away.

In that moment Everything was fully off, all aspects of energies coming out of this man was unaligned and nothing matched the father I new and the insights he had given me.
A 2 year unbearable case about the inheritance then unfolded with 5 daughters from 3 different women, a wife he had been seperated from and employed gold plated in the approved will by the laywer but with no signature from my dad.
…. to make a long story short. That glimpse of shadow face the first moment I met this laywer made deep sense 2 years later when the financial company we ended up hiring to go through all his companies to find out why his wealth was suddenly so short on paper, found the money that had been hiding in a hidden Company. HIDDEN FROM ME ? with the Exact amount in that repport as 1,5 Year early had written On a paper to my laywer telling him What the number should be, considering what my dad showed and told me.

To be sensitive is not a weak thing, it is a strength of soft senses, which might come by the cost of getting overstimulated quickly by being in big crowds and feeling drained during any small talk of no importance.

To trust and have faith on those little voices of inner knowings inside is the only true thing to rely on, often revealed when it comes to it.

The question is, if you are able to trust in the space in between your instructions of inner knowings and your proof ?

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